Vicon Balers Promotion 2024

3 years 0% finance | 3 years warranty | 3 free rolls of net wrap

Add more value to your forage with this amazing offer!

Kubota M6002 and Vicon FastBale 500 | Vincent Tractors & Plant

Selected Vicon balers are now available with three years of 0% finance, three years of warranty and three free rolls of Tama edge-to-edge net wrap. All Vicon balers have an easy setting of bale density, high output and optimum bale formation, and precise net application to make your job easier.


Vicon FastBale can offer you:

  • Non-stop baling – means reduced stress & fatigue for the operator, resulting in improved operational efficiency.
  • Increased output – baling non-stop saves 15-18 seconds for every bale made.
  • Compact size – smaller than other competitive baler wrappers, ensuring easy field access and stress-free road transport.
  • Fully automatic operation – animates real-time display keeps the operator relaxed and fully productive throughout long working days.


Vicon FixBale 500 can offer you:

  • High Capacity Pick-up – large diameter roller crop press facilities crop flow at high intake speeds.
  • Minimum Time Stationary – when the bale is 90% complete the arm moves forward ready for the next injection.
  • Easy-to-use control systems – simple graphics show baling info at a glance.
  • SuperCut 15 Chopping System – optimal cutting performance provides higher efficiency and improved crop flow into the baler.


We have these two balers available for demo so that you can test them out and experience the true power of these machines first-hand. Arrange yours now by giving a call to one of our reps!

Vicon Baler Offer FastBale | Vincent Tractors & Plant

Contact our team now to discuss the promotion!

Vicon Baler Offer T&Cs | Vincent Tractors & Plant

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