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Kverneland produces a wide range of mowers and mower conditioners.  There are mounted rear and front disc mowers, mounted rear and front disc mower conditioners and trailed disc mower conditioners.

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Name: Tony Best

Job Title: Sales Person for Agricultural Machinery
(Mid & West Cornwall)

Number: 07866 310110


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Name: David Stanbury

Job Title: Sales Person for Agricultural Machinery
(West & North Devon and North Cornwall)

Number: 07970 207689


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Name: Nick Vincent

Job Title: Sales Person for Agricultural Machinery
(South Devon and SE Cornwall)

Number: 07834 555172


Disc Mowers, Front Mounted

The Kverneland 2832 FS is the first front disc mower with an actively driven swath former, designed for both narrow swathing and widespreading.  It has a working width of 3.16m.  The Kverneland 2828 F – 2832 F Front Mounted Disc Mowers have a low weight and very responsive headstock design, with working widths of 2.81 and 3.16m.

Disc Mowers, Rear Mounted

Kverneland produces a range of side and centre mounted disc mowers, as well as butterfly combinations.  Working widths range from 1.66m for a side mounted mower, to 9.50m for a butterfly combination.

Disc Mower Conditioners Front Mounted

The front mounted disc mower conditioners have working widths of 2.81m to 3.57m.

Disc Mower Conditioners, Rear Mounted

The Kverneland range of rear mounted disc mower conditioners include centre mounted mowers, butterfly combinations and a number fitted with the QuattroLink suspension concept which is designed for even more productivity and to handle tougher conditions than ever.

Disc Mower Conditioners, Trailed

The trailed disc mower conditioners are fitted with either a left or a centre pivot drawbar and has working widths ranging from 2.40m to 3.94m.

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