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The hallmark of Kubota grass and straw choppers is their ability to cope with whatever is required.  Whatever the size, every model is built for a variety of different tasks.

However, all models are solidly constructed throughout with a robust gearbox and very strong power transmission to the “V” belts driving the shafts. In addition, they have a strengthened chassis with double plating in the areas subjected to highest stress.  The combination with Kubota’s precisely manufactured rotor shafts and hard wearing blades makes them extremely reliable.  Minimal maintenance is required.

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The Kubota SE1000 grass choppers are small, medium-duty machines for use on slightly rough ground and other green areas: in amenity areas, for tidying up pasture and in similar situations.  The Kubota SE1000 is available in 4 models from 0.90m working width to 1.80m.  The SE1000 is very easy to operate and requires minimum maintenance.

As well as the universal blades fitted as standard, blades for stony conditions and cup blades can be fitted on request.  The SE1000 is suitable for tractors up to 50hp.

The core of the SE1000 is the rotor: high rotation speed (1993rpm) in combination with a huge number of working tools make the SE1000 a unique chopper.

As standard the SE1000 offers a mechanical offset: the headstock can be fitted in the centre or on the left side of the chopping unit.  The SE1000 is equipped as standard with a rear roller which allows the reliable control of the working depth.  Alternatively a pair of skids can be supplied on demand.  Kubota SE1000 – the correct choice for green areas.


The Kubota SE2000 is a multipurpose chopper for road maintenance, clearing out field edges, ditches and hedges. In addition, the SE2000 shows versatility in operation on grass, light wood and bushes thus being ideal for the maintenance of parks, gardens and road sides.  The Kubota SE2000 is suitable for tractors up to 110hp and is available in 1.55m, 1.85m and 2.00m working width.

The Kubota SE2000 combines an easy concept with strong construction for excellent field performance.  That also means high comfort during operations and maximum reliability in work.


Due to the possibility of different working angle positions, the Kubota SE2000P is a highly versatile solution for farming and road maintenance purposes.

Compact but robust, it offers high manoeuvrability and ensures high reliability during work.  Compared to the standard Kubota SE2000 chopper, the SE2000P allows major offset ability (1255mm) and reaches positions and working angles impossible to get with similar equipment.  In addition the SE2000P allows to be combined with a front mounted chopper (SE4000 or SE6000), so the working coverage is optimised and maximised without any overlap.

Lateral transmission: The transmission is based on a gearbox with integrated freewheel (up to 150hp) and 2 lateral pulleys which drive 5 belts. An automatic spring loaded belts tensioner always ensures stable rotor transmission.  As standard equipment, the SE2000P is offered with double wide angle pto shaft in order to get best performances and comfort during utilisation.


The Kubota SE3000 is a compact and heavy duty machine for moderately demanding jobs in soft and top fruit orchards, vineyards and light undergrowth.  It is equally perfect for tidying pasture and chopping straw and stubble after combine harvesting.  The Kubota SE3000 is suitable for tractors up to 80 hp.  It is available in 1.55m; 1.85m; 2.00m; 2.30m and 2.50m working width.

Offset as standard (500mm) increases the versatility of this chopper and ensures safer working conditions.  In addition, the standard roller and the skids support the chopper in keeping a constant working depth.

The design of the SE3000 is modern and versatile; the latest generation rotor can be equipped with different types of blades, making the machine adaptable to most conditions.  Highest rotor speeds (2243rpm) in combination with the counterknife and the double skin, guarantee an excellent shredding effect with minimal power requirement.


The Kubota SE4000 is a multipurpose chopper for chopping grass, pasture, set-aside land and stubble.  A strong double headstock allows mounting the machine in front or behind the tractor.  Together with the hydraulic offset, it gives a multi-purpose versatility for nearly all conditions e.g. clearing out field edges, orchards and road edges.

The Kubota SE4000 is suitable for tractors up to 140hp and is available in working width of 2.35m, 2.80m and 3.25m.

Auto-alignment: The central gearbox fitted into the headstock ensures that the pto-shaft remains straight in all working positions.  Even on max. 500 mm offset, the pto angle does not change.  This guarantees a smooth drive, reduced wearing and a longer lifetime of the pto shaft and the whole driveline (crosses and yokes).


The Kubota SE5000 is a multi-purpose machine for chopping grass, pasture, set-aside land and stubble.  By hydraulic offset the SE5000 gives you the possibility to clear out field edges, orchards and road edges.

Hammer blades or universal Y blades with short fan blades allow a perfect shredding quality in all conditions.  By offset the SE5000 can slide 52cm; it is the ideal solution for field and farm maintenance. I n addition the wide diameter of the rotor (540mm) guarantees an excellent cut with lower power requirement.

Easy and minimal maintenance make the SE5000 a profitable chopper.


The Kubota SE6000 is a versatile machine suitable for front and rear tractor mounting.  The headstock is taken from the well-known and proven power harrow design.  The sliding tube is integrated in the headstock; all forces and stress are concentrated on 3 point-linkage.  The SE6000 is always standard with hydraulic offset of 52cm.

Robust Transmission: Central gearbox up to 160 hp with double integrated free wheel as standard.  PTO tractor input can be 540 or 1000rpm; by inverting belt pulleys, SE6000 always keep same rotor rpm.  5 V-belts combined with automatic belt tensioner ensure smooth side transmission, preventing slippage even in toughest working conditions. No maintenance is required.


The SE7000 range comprises Kubota`s largest and toughest grass and straw choppers for heavy-duty work on set-aside land and cultivated fields.  The SE7000 chopper is indispensable on grass fields or for chopping straw, stubble and other crop residues after harvesting, but also very useful for fruit farms clearing scrub and tidying pasture.  The SE7000 is available in 4 working widths covering all different requests coming from farmers.

The SE7000 offers a unique operation versatility.  The high rotor speed combined with a large number of blades increases the cutting efficiency while reducing the input power required.  A large number of blades reduces the amount to be cut by each blade, so the rotor revolves more easily and evenly.  The rotor is manufactured precisely and is dynamically balanced after the blades have been fitted; this leads to a smooth running without vibrations.

The SE7000 can be equipped with different blade types in order to comply with all customers’ demands.  The skids are included in the standard configuration, wheels or rollers are optionally available.  Furthermore double skin and second counterknife are optional equipment.


The Kubota SE8000 series is designed and tested following highest farmer’s requirements in terms of performance and reliability.  The SE8000 ensures a careful work for a better quality of the residues and its easier natural decomposition.

The development of this chopper was clearly focused on huge and intensive farms, so the SE8000 is ideal for very demanding and specialised contractors.  The SE8000 is excellent for shredding crop residues, chopping straw, maize and sunflower stalks as well as set-aside land.

The same rotor can be equipped with either Y blades or hammer blades; in all configurations, special fan blades lift the material up for a better shredding effect.  The big diameter (760mm) guarantees an excellent cut with low power requirement.

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