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Engcon Vibratory Soil Compactor , , , , , ,

For all excavators in the 6 to 40 tonne weight class.

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  • Packing disc in hard-wearing steel.
  • Side plating for levelling-off filler material.
  • Open short ends for easy emptying of the topside plating.
  • Joined together with rubber elements positioned for effective insulation of the vibrators combined with adequate stiffness for grading.
  • The vibrator unit and hydraulic parts are well-protected inside the side plates.
  • Can be fitted with optional mounting.
  • Complete with flow valve.
  • Complies with European safety standards.
  • Supplied as standard excluding mounting and machine hoses.
  • Tandem-connected weights.

Best in test
engcon’s ground vibrator PP600 proved the best result in an impartial test conducted by geologist Dr. H. Seeliger in Kassel, Germany.  The degree of consolidation was remarkable with 103.2 % over two transfers and 101.6 % over six transfers.


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