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The AUSA TAURULIFT® telescopic handlers are an ergonomic and safe solution for handling and transporting all types of material outdoors.  Ultracompact, versatile and capable, they are designed to move large and heavy loads and they adapt easily to the most challenging and steep terrains.

The telescopic side arm means that the machine has smaller dimensions in terms of width and provides better handling, whilst still allowing for a spacious and comfortable cab.  Its position on the front axle also provides improved visibility for the driver and increased safety during loading and unloading operations.

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The ultra-compact telescopic handler that allows you to tackle the difficult projects with ease.  Capable of lifting loads of up to 1,350 kg (3,000 lbs) and with a total lifting height of 4 metres (13 feet), thanks to its small size and a weight of only 2,400 kg (5,300 lbs), it is the only telescopic handler in its class that can be placed on a traditional trailer, making it easier to transport and reducing operating costs.


With a payload of 2,000 Kg (4,400 lbs) and a height of 4.2 metres (13.8 feet), the T204H is the most compact telescopic handler of its class.

It is a highly versatile machine that can easily adapt to any terrain thanks to its 4x4x4 drive and the three steering modes: front-wheel, all-wheel and crab mode.  A perfect combination that makes machine movements and approaches easier, especially on terrains with little room for manoeuvre.  With its hydraulic functions and quick connect couplings for accessories and implements, you will be able to increase its possibilities and applications exponentially.


With a payload of 2,300 Kg (5,000 lbs) and a height of 5 metres (16.4 feet), the T235H is the most compact telescopic handler of its class.

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