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The Albutt range of Bag Lifters are designed to give a safe lifting option for handling 600kg and 1000kg bags.  Designed to be used with telehandlers or loaders, the bag handler simplifies the safe unloading and stacking fertiliser and seed bags.  Every model comes complete with brackets suit your machine, is CE marked with test certificate and comes with a certificate of conformity.

An adjustable bag lifter is also available.

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Job Title: Sales Person for Agricultural Machinery
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  • Models for 1000kg and 600kg bags.
  • Fixed arm and hydraulically adjustable models.
  • Arms on Hydraulic model can be adjusted from the comfort of the cab to pick up either 600kg or 1000kg bags.
  • Hydraulic model can also be adjusted manually.
  • Round tube arms (all models except BL4-1000).
  • Arm spacing design to reduce swing when in transit and tight stacking.
  • Brackets included.
  • Models for 1 x 1000kg bag, 2 x 1000kg bags, 4 x 600kgs bags or 4 x 1000kgs bags.
Model Will Handle Tube Length Weight
BL1-1000 1 x 1000kg bag 800mm 140kgs
BL2-1000 2 x 1000kg bags 800mm 1185kgs
BL4-600 4 x 600kg bags 1400mm 230kgs
BL4-1000 4 x 1000kg bags 1500mm 260kgs


Bag Lifters Adjustable
The new Albutt Bag Lifter is designed to provide a safe, efficient and versatile method of moving seed and fertiliser bags.  Suitable for all known bag sizes, the arms can be adjusted by a manual or hydraulic operation; reducing bag swing in transit and keeping bags tight when stacked.  The attachment also features nylon wear strips and bushes within the moving areas.


Will Handle:

  • 4 x 1000kg bags
  • 4 x 600kg bags
  • 4 x 500kg bags
Model Arm Movement Arm Length Weight
BL4M-1000 Manual 2000mm 490kgs
BL4H-1000 Hydraulic 2000mm 500kgs

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