Next Generation Farming

Paul Vincent and his team are on a mission to prove that the Cornish agricultural community is at the cutting edge of new media and technology.

It’s a common misconception that the farming community is slow to adapt to new ideas, but this couldn’t be further from the truth – as demonstrated both by Vincent Tractors’ top of the line products and their brand new website.

Vincent Tractors have spent a lot of time ensuring their new website is a functional tool for their customers and also reflects the company’s total understanding of their lives and lifestyle.

“Farming is a vocation not a job, with most farming families living and breathing their farming activities”, explains Matthew Hodge, marketing manager at Vincent Tractors.

“With enormously long days, literally dusk until dawn and beyond in the summer, having the right equipment is vital.”

“Farmers are enormously tech savvy and having the right equipment is vital to them, which is why we designed our new website to give our customers full and extensive access to our product range night and day.”

This dawn to dusk commitment to their vocation can lead to farmers keeping anti-social hours. Vincent Tractors has really responded to this time pressure, by building a website that encourages their customers to share their stories and give them a sense of an online community. Vincent Tractors has commissioned a number of excellent case studies, which are shared on their website and social media: film and photography capture the essence of their customers’ lifestyles and stories.

“The agricultural community actually spends a huge amount of time online, researching and debating; our new website gives our customers a platform to share their ideas and stories. The first piece in our series of case studies is focused on a farmer called Pete Emery, who we have worked with for a very long time and we were delighted to get him involved with the project and give him the Hollywood treatment!

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