New Kubota Finance Solution Launched to Offer Best Value and Flexibility

Kubota Corporation has joined forces with BNP Paribas, one of the largest banks in Europe, to launch Kubota Finance – a new and exciting solution introduced for Kubota’s customers so that they can take advantage of the best value and most flexible financial funding packages.

With the launch of Kubota Finance, it now means Kubota can offer highly competitive, secure and tailor-made financial packages to their customers along with access to the most attractive price promotions on any of Kubota’s market leading agricultural and groundcare machinery ranges.Dave Roberts, Kubota UK’s MD, commented: “The launch of Kubota Finance is all about the evolution and continual enhancement of our first class service offering. With Kubota Finance in place, dealers can customise finance options to suit the exact requirements of their customers, giving end-users better and more affordable access to the Kubota range of machinery.

“By working in partnership with BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, the launch of this new service is designed to give our customers the assurance and complete peace of mind that Kubota Finance is backed by a bank that has an excellent track record of stability and providing secure and competitive funding.”

Kubota’s customers can choose between four finance packages available: Hire Purchase, Operating Lease, Contract Hire and Finance Lease. Each option offers unique benefits, making it really simple for Kubota’s dealer customers to access a range of flexible finance solutions that best suit their individual needs.

Hire Purchase is designed to put customers in complete control, deciding how much deposit to set down, how long the contract lasts and the value of their regular payments. At the end of the contract, customers own the machinery and they also may be able to claim the value of the machinery as part of their Annual Investment Allowance, reducing tax liability.

Operating Lease reduces the risk to a dealer’s customer if they don’t wish to own the machinery at the end of their agreement, which minimises upfront and total costs. Contract Hire works like the Operating Lease agreement but has the added benefit of including service and maintenance included in a regular fixed payment.

The final option is Finance Lease, which helps keep rental payments low and avoid a large upfront deposit by allowing customers to spread the VAT cost over the term of an agreement. These payments can also be normally offset against taxable profits, making this an efficient option.

“By using Kubota Finance, our dealers and their customers have access to a professional and convenient service that is dedicated to supporting their business’ success and long term portfolio growth,” continued Dave. “At Kubota, we are passionate about supporting business development and working with our dealers and this new service is designed specifically with this in mind, making it easier to stock and sell Kubota machinery.”

To find out more about Kubota Finance, call 0345 602 5482 or email

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