New CPLT V15 offer Durability, Safety and Performance

The new Light towers CPLT V15 are the first models in the Chicago Pneumatic range to use a heavy-duty Red Rock polyethylene (PE) canopy.

To facilitate productivity by allowing workers to operate safely in any ambient light conditions, the V15 range has two models: the CPLT V15 comes with metal halide technology and can light an area of approximately 4000 square-meters; the CPLT V15 LED features LED lighting technology and can light an area of 5000 square-meres while proving additional fuel efficiency benefits.

The new Red Rock polyethylene (PE) canopy coupled, with the light tower’s small size, ease of transportation and fuel-efficient performance ensure that the new models meet the demands of a variety of applications.
Discover more in the leaflet of the CPLTV15s (metal Halide and LED versions), already available in Printshop. Translation in other languages also in process.

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To view the complete Chicago Pneumatic Light Tower range click here.

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