Kubota net wrap, twine and stretchfilm to make your crop more profitable!

Kubota Netwrap | Vincent Tractors & Plant

Whatever your chosen output of crop, we have you covered with a selection of Kubota net wrap, Tama twine & bale stretch wrap!

The entire selection has been tested and produced to withstand all crop types and baling conditions.


Tama twine will benefit you with: 

* Guaranteed minimum length – each roll contains the exact stated length

* Knot performance – flexibility and strength for consistently secure knots on your bales

* UV protection – keeps the twine firm even under extreme continuous sunlight exposure


Kubota Netwrap offers many features:

* Roll carry handles – improved user safety and convenience

* Bale longer – Guaranteed long roll length allows you to bale more without stopping

* Directional markings – a clear indication of loading director for hassle-free changeovers.

Kubota Netwrap | Vincent Tractors & Plant

Bale stretch wrap will offer you: 

* High quality material – for tear and puncture resistance

* Excellent UV protection – safeguarding your bales through the season

* High cling – ensures a powerful airtight seal


With the season of baling fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to stock up! Contact us now to find out more.

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