Kubota M7001 Featured in Farmers Guide

Kubota’s latest advances in tractors with over 100 Horse Power has been featured in the July 2017 Issue of the Farmers Guide Magazine. Traditionally Kubota has focused on smaller machines, but that stereotype came to an end last year when Kubota released three models in the M7001 series, 131HP, 151HP and 171HP.

The article features a Alistair Wagg, a Norfolk farmer who grows over 1000 acres of potatoes. He was one of the first people in the UK to purchase one of the new M7001 models, and had since bought another 3.

‘Hydraulic performance is described as excellent by Alister as ‘excellent’; “All our implements have Power Beyond hydraulic systems and we are ordering new tractors with it installed and retrofitting it to the current fleet to optimise performance. Lift capacity is amazing. 9.4T at the rear and 3.9T at the front so the tractors handle everything easily. On one occasion I forgot that the largest 360hp tractor was away being serviced and asked an operator to fetch our big 30bed, bed tiller back from a field and he arrived with it on one of the Kubotas/ I wouldn’t have believed it could lift it if I hadn’t seen him return with it… The tractors have proved capable of everything asked of them.”

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