Kubota M135GX outperforms larger horsepower rivals

The decision by Glebe Farm to switch to tractor and groundcare specialists, Kubota, to maintain the 450-acre holding in Cornwall, has proved a shrewd one, with the father and son team delighted with the power and torque of their new Kubota M135GX.

Harold and Neil Jeffery, who run the 100% organic farm, located eight miles south east of Newquay, needed a machine that could stand up to the various demands of the farm, which includes 80 head beef unit, 200 head dairy milking unit, 100 acres of whole crop silage, 110 acres of grass silage (cut four times a year) and 240 acres of grazing.

The pair road-tested many brands in a variety of real life scenarios, but it was Kubota that came out on top. “The first test for the trialled machines was to pull a loaded 14 tonne dump trailer with crushed concrete.” Such a task, Harold reveals, is the litmus test of engine performance.

“There was no issue for the Kubota M135GX under these conditions, even uphill. Where others had failed, the M135GX excelled. The front suspension system performed fantastically too, and we were very impressed with the levels of comfort in the cab.”

The second test for the tractors was to operate a 4m single pass cultivator. Once again, the M135GX proved its worth, outperforming the competition. “The engine kept pulling and the gearbox had plenty of gears in each range which meant it saved us from having to keep changing.” The pair were also won over with the M135GX’s stability on the slopes; the Kubota being the most stable tractor he had ever trialled.

The pair made the switch to Kubota from an existing 120HP model, which was tasked with a host of duties including pulling a slurry tanker, operating a 14-tonne dump trailer and light cultivation. Historically, where more power was required, the services of a 160HP tractor was hired, primarily to manoeuvre a 3m combi drill and a 3m single pass cultivator. The acquisition of the Kubota has done away with the need for extra HP to carry out these tasks, as the initial field trials proved that the M135GX was armed with enough power and torque to handle such equipment.

Harold and Neil sourced the model from local dealer Vincent Tractors at Fraddon, Cornwall, a company with whom they have worked closely with, for over 40 years. “In this business, it’s vital to forge solid relationships with suppliers and dealers. With Vincent Tractors, we’ve always experienced excellent service and support; they are a great family run business and we’ve built up a good working relationship with them in the four decades that they’ve supplied Glebe Farm.

“You have to rely on your dealer for expert advice and guidance on the right choice of machines. We like to put any new purchase through its paces, to make sure we have a tractor that makes life easier and can handle the tasks we need it to. The Kubota M135GX was the stand out model and we’re delighted with its levels of performance and especially with its power capacity.”

For more information on Kubota and its extensive range of solutions for the construction,  groundcare and agriculture sectors visit tomw195.sg-host.com or call 01726 860332.

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