Kubota has appointed new Engine Service Agents throughout the UK

Kubota’s expansion of its UK engine service and maintenance network is a strategic move aimed at improving customer service, reducing downtime, and ensuring that Kubota engines remains reliable and well-maintained for its customers in the UK. This expansion is likely to bring several benefits to businesses and individuals who rely on Kubota propulsion systems.

The company has appointed new Agents throughout the UK to carry out all engine repair, service and maintenance work for its customers to ensure that a centre is available and accessible from their base.

This is a crucial development which offers a host of advantages for our OEMs which use Kubota engines and transforms and enhances the aftersales experience which we can offer,” said Martin Tyler, Service & Training Manager – TBU & Engines, Kubota UK. “We have closely examined the geographical spread of the existing Kubota Engine Service Network and our new and expanded geographical coverage minimises the equipment downtime for customers. The new strategic coverage of our engine service agents means a customer is always within a much shorter journey to our engine service centres. All of the new agents have reached the Kubota Gold Service Excellence standard proving that they offer the highest customer service levels.”

Kubota UK already has six engine dealers and is adding at least a further four into its network from November 1, 2023. The new agents are all based within the existing Kubota tractor and construction equipment sales network and will be solely dedicated to offering engine service and maintenance requirements.

Martin Tyler added: “Our emphasis is on ensuring that we take care of our customers throughout the entire life cycle of their engine and this network expansion increases the operatonal uptime of their engines.”

Kubota’s current engine dealers and service agents are: Mitchell PowerSystems; Bryco Group Ltd; South Coast Diesels Ltd; Universal Engine Power Ltd.; Hurley Engine Services Ltd. and Lister Wilder Ltd (Ashford). The new Kubota engine service agents are: Lister Wilder Ltd (new locations Reading, Bibury, Sailsbury Depots); Vincent Tractors & Plant; Gibson Garden Machinery and TEGFAN.

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