Is your plough ready for next season?

Is your plough ready for next season?
1. Check all wearing parts and renew if worn.
2. Grease all bearings and pivot shafts.
3. Ensure Auto Reset springs are correctly adjusted to 70cm.
4. Ensure all skimmers are correctly set.
5. Check Vari width Bushes and cones – replace if worn.
6. Check Hydraulic hoses and connections. Replace if necessary.
7. Check front linkage pins and renew if worn.
8. Ensure front slide rails are clean and greased.
Fail to prepare = prepare to fail ????
Contact your local parts team to order new wearing metal for your plough and cultivator.
Fraddon – 01726 860332
Holsworthy – 01409 251241
Smithaleigh – 01752 981090
Wellington – 01823 806011

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