Increase grass intake, increase your margin

Paul Vincent and his team continue to seek out innovative ways to help Cornish Farmers improve their efficiency and profitability in the face of a challenging farming environment.

On Tuesday 15th September, 11.00am for 11.30am at Kingsley Village, Fraddon, Paul Vincent will be joined by Jim Barron of Grass Technology to discuss the benefits of zero grazing.

Although the zero grazing system requires a commitment in manpower to cut the grass on a daily basis and bring it to the cows, when done correctly, it can allow for the utilization of once inaccessible land, reduce in poaching, enable higher stocking rates, extend the grazing season and increase grass intake, resulting in higher milk production and quality.

In addition the demand for feeding concentrate reduces, arguably due to the increase in grass quality in the forage, which can be a huge money saver and catalyst toward higher profits.

Additional benefits to using a zero-grazing system include:

  • The ability to control the nutritional value of forage
  • The ability to control how much forage cows are eating
  • Access to fresh grass during seasons of heavy rainfall

“As land becomes the new quota, we are passionate in ensuring that farmers are getting the most from every acre of land they have,” explains Jim Barron, managing director at Grass Technology.

“Evidence from our customers is showing that milk yields, milk solids and body condition score can improve by incorporating zero grazing onto your farm.”

To book your place at the Zero Grazing Event call Matthew Hodge on 01726 860332, alternatively email him on

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