Improving margin in the dairy sector.

Mark Brennan of Pepperstown Farm, Co. Louth, Ireland was the guest speaker at Vincent Tractors’ recent Zero Grazing Event.

Mark farms a high yielding pedigree Holstein herd and for the last three years has been zero grazing to help reduce concentrate and fertiliser bills and increase milk yield and solids.

Originally Mark was using all of his 280 acre farm for his 100 cow Pepperstown Herd as well as using over 3 tonnes of concentrate per cow producing 8,500l.

Three years on, the herd is now producing 10,000l with 4% fat and 3.4% protein and he rents out 120 acres due to housing his cows.

His future plan is to increase the herd to 300 cows.

“Zero grazing is not about buying a machine,” stated Mark. “It’s about buying into a system and having a good understanding of your grassland and managing it properly is critical.”

“Our aim is to increase grass output per hectare and harvest it all and therefore reseeding and grass seed varieties are an important factor.”

The zero grazer that Mark uses is a Grass Tech Grazer, designed by Jim Barron who also spoke at the event.

It is fitted with a grass box pick up reel which collects the grass in conjunction with the drum mower.

The grass is not chopped and is fed into the trailer which is fitted with a hydraulically powered moving floor.

As the grass fills the trailer during cutting, the floor moves towards the rear with the in cab hydraulic controls, allowing for an even spread of the weight in the trailer.

The moving floor is also used for unloading the grazer, there is no need to turn on the PTO when unloading.

For more information about zero grazing and the Grass Tech Grazer please contact Vincent Tractors agricultural specialists, Tony Best and Richard Felton on 01726 860332, alternatively email

Watch the video to hear what Mark had to say about zero grazing:

For further information visit Zero Grazing Machines.

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